10 Reasons to Give to Green City Market


1. Teach the Next Generation of Healthy Eaters

Visiting the farmers market with your family is a great educational opportunity! At Club Sprouts and our Edible Gardens kids are encouraged to try new, locally grown foods and get their hands dirty. When you give to Green City Market, you help us teach Chicago’s kids about wholesome food, seasonality, and sustainable farming.

2. Support Family Farms

Now, more than ever before, local farmers and producers need our support to earn a living wage and support their families. You can help protect small farms and farmland from Industrial Agriculture by shopping from our farmers and donating to Green City Market to increase our ability to connect and provide our farmers with more grants, scholarships, and business opportunities and to help young farmers get a start in the field.

3. Live with the Seasons

Visiting our markets allows you to live and eat with the natural cycles rhythms of the land. You can help us reconnect our community to Midwestern seasonality and promote an alternative to those mealy, watery, out-of-season, tomatoes on the shelves in January! 

4. Protect the Environment

In America, produce often travels over 1,500 miles to get to grocery store. At our markets, produce travels fewer than 150 miles (and often much less!). In addition to being fresher and tasting better, this eliminates the use of large amounts of fossil fuels, packaging materials, and other harmful environmental effects. Our farmers also reduce the environmental impact of farming through sustainable growing practices and strive to preserve the soil, water and wildlife habitat for future generations.

5. Good Food is a Right Not a Privilege

We are committed to increasing access to healthy, nutritious, and local food for all through our donor-supported Link Double Value Matching Program. GCM's Link matching program is a win-win for our wider community: It not only helps low income shoppers consume more nutritious foods, but also helps our farmers earn a living wage and keeps more food dollars within our local economy.

6. Get Cooking Tips and Inspiration from the Experts

Chef Demonstrations with Chicago's top culinary stars take place at each market. Demos provide inspiration and guidance for how to cook with market ingredients at home. In addition, local farmers and artisan food producers are a wealth of knowledge. Get to know the farmer who grew your food and ask them their favorite way to cook what's in season!

7. Awesome Year-Round Events

From the annual Chef BBQ, which brings you amazing seasonal dishes and drinks from chefs from over 100 local restaurants and beverage purveyors, to A (Mostly) Veggie Affair, Meet-the-Markets, and Big Table Dinners, and more, Green City Market events offer year-round culinary events to get excited about. Your gift helps continue to make our events even better each year! 

8. Gain a Community

Green City Market is about much more than what you take home in your bags: It is about people and connections. Whether it is over brunch with a friend, conversations with vendors, an outing with your kids, or joining our amazing team of volunteers, the market offers a social benefit for all. People who shop at farmers markets have 15-20 social interactions per visit, they would have only 1-2 per visit to the grocery store.

9. Support Humane Treatment of Animals

Our meat, egg, and dairy farmers raise their animals naturally and without antibiotics or hormones in open spaces. You can feel good about supporting healthier, happier animals, and consuming better tasting, healthier products.

10. Taste the Difference

We provide a marketplace for purchasing the freshest, sustainably grown food you can find. Picked straight from the field and brought to market, often the same day, produce from the market avoids long hauls in trucks, gassing, or artificial ripening processes. By supporting Green City Market you are also supporting biodiversity and the cultivation of heirloom crops: variety is the spice of life!

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Remember, when you give to Green City Market this holiday season, your gift will be MATCHED dollar-for-dollar up to $60,000!

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