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Check out our lineup of upcoming farmers' markets and see which of your favorite vendors will be at market. 

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Whats Fresh

Vegetables: leeks, beets, cabbage, carrots, collard greens, herbs, kale, microgreens, onions, radishes, spinach, winter squash, turnips, sunchokes, ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter greens, mustard greens

Fruits/nuts: apples, dried apples, pears, dried pears, dried blueberries

Meat/seafood/protein: beef, chicken, goat, lamb, pork, perch, salmon, sausage, trout, turkey, walleye

All season long: breads, cheeses, eggs, honey, hot sauce, jams, mushrooms, pasta, pesto, pickled vegetables, popcorn, sauces, vinegar

Drinks: apple cider, fresh pressed juice, locally roasted coffee

Ready to eat: sandwiches, pastries, pies, soups, take-and-bake pizza crusts, tofu salads, quiches

Plants + flowers: potted herbs and plants