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Dietzler Farms Burger with Ancho Cured Berkshire Bacon and Butter Kasse Cheese

Bernie Laskowski - Park Grill
Chicago, IL


Makes 3# burger mix

2 oz diced white onion
2 tspn sugar
2 tspn chili flake


Mix all ingredients by hand and pat into 4-6 or 8 oz burger patties. Cook until desired temp and add your favorite fillings.

To make bacon:
1 slab of raw pork belly

Dry cure
8# curing salt
3# cane sugar
2 oz of salt peter (potassium nitrate)
1 oz sodium (potassium nitrite)

To cure the belly:
36-40 degrees Farenheit
Use 1/2 oz of dry cure for every pound of meat
Store in cyro bag or plastic bag
Cure for seven days per inch of thickness on the meat
Slow cook in smoker set at 220 until internal temp of 165 degrees

Bacon makes 1# of sliced bacon
1 oz sugar
1/2 oz ancho chili powder

Pre slice bacon, and thoroughly coat in spice mixture for one day. Cook in oven at 350 until just crisp. Remove, pat dry.

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