Green City Market's New Vendors for 2017


Alden Hills Organic Farms 

Alden Hills Organic Farms is a family farm located in Walworth, WI. Started in 2009 by Gary Powers as a way to provide quality beef for his own family, the farm is committed to and seeks to provide only the healthiest, highest-quality, nutritious foods that they can produce. The team at Alden Hills, now managed by Gary's son Levi and daughter-in-law Emily, believe wholly nourishing food comes from building a farm eco-system from the soil up. Because of this, they have sought MOSA Organic certification on all of their acreage. The farm has one mission: "to provide you and your family with the healthiest, highest-quality pastured meat that we can produce." They specialize in grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, eggs, garlic and popcorn. 


Beef (certified organic, grass-fed, grass-finished), beef tallow candles, chicken (certified organic, open pasture raised), eggs, garlic, Dakota Black popcorn (certified Organic, Non-GMO)


The Park at Wrigley, Thursdays 

Griggs Farms 

Griggs Farms has been serving free range eggs and chickens as well as a wide variety of farm-fresh produce in the Kankakee River Valley since 1942. The family- and animal-first farm has a small flock that forages over two acres and a barn from the early 20th century. The chickens are fed a diet free of GMOs and live in an environment conducive to producing high quality farm eggs. Griggs Farms recognizes that it is important that each chicken lives its best life and, in order to do this, it is important to keep the flock small and manageable. Kenneth Griggs worked for six years as a bartender in Chicago before taking over the farm last year and now hopes to bring quality eggs to the industry.


Chicken (vegetarian fed), eggs (Non-GMO fed, free-range) 


Lincoln Park Wednesdays 

Meadowflour Bakery

Meadowflour is a new bakery aimed at producing whole grain baked goods from local, freshly milled flour. They offer a variety of pastries, breads and baked goods that use not only whole wheat, but also other grains such as buckwheat, corn and rye. The products are ingredient-driven and utilize seasonal produce to create a changing product menu. The bakery's goal is to contribute to a resurgence in our local grain economy and the diversity of grain crops grown in the Midwest. Head baker, Bobby Schaffer hopes his products can help start conversations on how to create value for the soil, farmer, chef and customer. As the former Executive Pastry Chef at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Bobby has worked firsthand with regional grain economies in New York and the Bread Lab in Washington state, learning firsthand the components in creating a successful grain economy. He is working with farmers to grow a greater variety of wheats that will bring a greater diversity to the Midwest landscape in order to provide a healthy platform of whole wheat baked goods for customers and even show other chefs the true potential grains have in offering new exciting flavors and range to their cuisine.


Pastries, naturally leavened breads featuring whole grains, cakes and scones featuring whole grains, vegetables and fruit.


West Loop Saturdays 

Our House Pizza 

Our House Pizza is a small company based in Chicago making delicious pizzas with ingredients that reflect the season and bounty that Midwest farmers have to offer. Our House Pizza started as a pizza night pop-up dinner one night a week at Floriole Bakery. For the past 2 years, they have operated as a seasonal catering company with a strong emphasis on sourcing local ingredients and on all the hard work that goes into making a product that is truly special. Their aim is to serve good honest food that showcases why the Midwest is so special with the motto: "From Our House to yours."


Seasonal wood-fired pizzas 


Lincoln Park Wednesdays & Saturdays 

Red Barn Farm

Red Barn Farm's heritage starts back in the 1920’s when the family's great-grandfather entered into the cherry business. Inspired by his work, the family took to carry on the farming tradition. Matt and Mark's operations are headquartered in a lovingly restored 100 year old red barn in southwest Michigan, between South Haven and Saugatuck. With the principles of honest farming practices, farm to table freshness, and the family's commitment to excellence, they deliver the finest of blueberries. At Red Barn Farm they seek to do more than just grow delicious, organic blueberries. The farm has three priorities, which are foundational to their operations, as quoted here:  

  1. "People - our top priority is to ensure that those working on our farm, at our markets, and anywhere in between are treated fairly. With respect to those farming our land, we are seeking to improve the lives of farm workers in southwest Michigan by providing good wages and educational grants for each worker
  2. Restorative and sustainable farming practices - we want the land to flourish and to remain productive for generations to come. This is why we chose to adopt organic practices, but is also influences our conservative use of water and what we plug back into the soil (microbes and probiotics)
  3. Ecosystem - the Great Lakes region is unlike any other in the world. With the most miles of shoreline in the contiguous United States, this "fresh coast" is an amazing place to visit or call home and we want to keep it that way. We will continue to comply with the regulations and requests of agencies seeking to improve and prolong this great ecosystem."



Lincoln Park Wednesdays, West Loop Saturdays 

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