NewsClub Sprouts Corner: Nocturnal Pollinators

Posted Sep 29, 2021

Activity Overview

We're sure you are familiar with pollinators like butterflies and bees, but did you know that when these day-active pollinators return to their homes and hives, a new set of pollinators takes on the night shift, working diligently to pollinate plants and flowers as soon as the sun goes down?

This week at Club Sprouts we will be exploring the world of nocturnal pollinators. Yes, you heard that right! When you are sound asleep, there are many insects and mammals wide awake visiting gardens and flower beds sipping on nectar and helping the local ecosystem thrive! We'll give you a series of four clues that will help you guess the secret nocturnal pollinator. See if you can guess the critter before we reveal the final clue!

Recipe & Question of the Week

This week we will be handing out a recipe for a Baked Squash Dip! You can use any winter squash you like, but we highly recommend using a Delicata squash! Delicata squash have a high sugar content and are known as the "sweet potato squash." This dip is excellent served with beet chips, but can also be used as a spread for sandwiches—remember to save the seeds for roasting! As you shop for ingredients, visit one of these farmers at the market and ask, “Can you eat the skin of a Delicata Squash?” The answer is the reason this squash is a fall favorite of many Green City Market staff!

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