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Peachy Panzanella Salad

The Kids' Table
Chicago, IL


This recipe makes a small sample serving (just like we make at the market) and for the purposes of making it for 2-3 people, multiply by 8
  • 1-2 ripe raspberries
  • 1-2 slices of fresh peach
  • 1 mint leaf
  • 1/2 t oil
  • 1/4 t honey
  • 3-4 croutons (to make croutons, pre-heat oven to 375F, cube stale bread, drizzle olive oil over cubes and a sprinkle with salt and pepper,  lay the cubes out flat on a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes, or until the edges are browned and crispy, flipping half way through) 


Mash berry in bowl, dice peach and add to bowl. Tear mint leaf into bowl. Drizzle with honey and oil. Mix well. Add croutons, mix to coat and enjoy!

Peaches & raspberries courtesy of Mic Klug Farm

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