Chatting with a Vendor: Brian Severson


Brian and Karen Severson are small family farmers growing organic and non-GMO grains, including sweet corn, oats, wheat, popcorn, peas, soybeans and buckwheat. They also process them into various flours, rolled oats, and meals available at the market alongside ready-to-eat treats such as blue cornbread, popcorn, and muffins. Brian Severson of Quality Organic shares his favorites and tips for shopping the market.

What is your favorite crop or product that you sell?
My favorites vary from time to time.  I'm enjoying popcorn and Kim's chewy granola bars the most currently. 
What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago?
I enjoy taking the kids to wander around the zoo or just ride the L.  When I had more spare time years ago;  I used to enjoy going to Orchestral Hall or Ravinia.
What is in your fridge right now?
Mostly just leftovers,  though my daughter made a cheese cake late last night that has caught my attention this morning. 
What is one tip you have for shoppers at Green City Market?
If there's something specific you really want (or a specific question answered),  email the vendor a few days before the market and ask to have it set aside for you.
What is the one food you couldn't live without?


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