Chatting with a Vendor: Raya Carr


Raya Carr of Mint Creek Farm shares her favorites and tips for shopping the market. At Mint Creek Farm, the Carr family & their team strive for maximum species diversity in both animals and pasture plants.

What is your favorite crop/product that you grow/sell? 

My favorite two animals to grow are sheep and turkeys on pasture! The sheep are so beautiful and peaceful and the turkey mingle with the pasture like they're in the wild (and also kind of remind me of peacocks, they're so decorative). I also really like the sounds sheep and turkeys make. You have to experience it in person to understand...come visit during one of our farm tours and dinners in 2017!

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago?

Go to the farmers' market--of course! And eat out at one of the many amazing restaurants--like Lula Cafe or Cellar Door Provisions or Big Jones!

What is in your fridge right now?

Tons of stuff including a lot of rendered fat from pork, lamb, & calf suet that I use for cooking every day.

What is one tip you have for shoppers at Green City Market?

We love it when you ask about our farming practices to get to know how we farm and why. It's because of our customers that educate themselves and ask important questions that we are in business at all! For instance, rare in meat farms, our farm is made up of diverse, 100% perennial pastures because perennial pasture plants improve our region's ecology (soil, air, & water quality). Also rare in meat farms, we avoid bringing any soy products onto our farm as our society in general consumes way, way too much soy products (especially of the GMO and unfermented types). These two farming practices make the meat, eggs, and honey we raise exceptionally nutritionally dense and healthy for our community to eat!

What is the one food you couldn't live without?

Rendered organic-grassfed fat!! It makes everything taste good and is high in omega-3s! 

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