Supporting Local Farmers Farm Forward Fund: Crisis Response Award

Crisis Response Award

The Farm Forward Fund | Crisis Response Award is available for Green City Market vendors experiencing extraordinary financial constraints due to a crisis. The award provides temporary, short-term financial assistance to current vendors who are unable to meet essential expenses due to a temporary or unexpected hardship. This emergency funding program is designed to offer financial assistance in the form of one-time awards (typically not exceeding $5,000). 

Funding is finite and Green City Market cannot guarantee all requests will be granted. The Farm Forward Fund | Crisis Response Award is made possible through charitable gifts made by folks like you. If you are inspired to support local, sustainable growers, especially in times of crisis, please make a tax-deductible gift to Green City Market here. 


To be eligible for to receive funding, vendors must: 

  • Be experiencing a financial hardship resulting from an emergency or unforeseen event;
  • Be current vendors during the year you are applying for this fund; 
  • Complete a brief application; 
  • Must not have received a Farm Forward Fund | Crisis Response Award within the previous calendar year 

Types of Expenses Considered

  • Mortgage or utilities
  • Lost income due to inability to participate in markets caused by a fire or natural disaster 
  • Replacement of belongings lost in a fire or natural disaster

Expenses Generally Not Covered

Emergency funding is not intended to provide ongoing relief for recurring expenses.

  • Vendor fees 
  • Insurance
  • Credit card expenses
  • Parking tickets and other fines
  • Costs for entertainment, recreation, and non-emergency travel
  • Medical expenses
  • Other non-essential expenses (i.e. cable bill, cell phone bill, parking fees)


To apply, please visit the online application.

Decisions regarding disbursement of funds are made on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director in consultation with the Green City Market Board of Directors Executive Committee.

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