NewsShopper spotlight: Ben Kobold

Posted Feb 11, 2020

This week, we're highlighting one this winter's most loyal shoppers and workshop-goers: Ben Kobold! Green City Market hosts cooking and crafting classes on most market days, ranging from Thanksgiving fundamentals like soups, stocks, and pies to the art of fermented food. 

Here are Ben's takeaways from his culinary crash courses: 

"I learned how to hold a knife, how to place a knife on the cutting board to decrease the odds of injuring yourself or someone else, how to take apart a bird, that you've gotta season every time you add ingredients or it's going to taste flat, that there's a lot of science going on in cooking, and probably some more stuff that I'm forgetting right now. I learned a lot!

I did end up making a few dishes from class and they were smash hits. That creamed kale was a star and making it made me feel like a real chef. My favorite thing to make from class is definitely the pie crust. I had no idea it was so easy to make a pie crust and it tastes so good."

Be like Ben and come visit us at the market! Visit our calendar for a full listing of upcoming programs, workshops, and special events. (There might even be creamed kale there.)