NewsSeptember Is Hunger Action Month: Here's How to Take Action

Posted Sep 14, 2021

1 in 7 people in Cook County will face food insecurity this year — that's over 700,000 people who lack consistent access to enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle.

September is Hunger Action Month, and 
expanding access to nutritious, local food is a pillar of Green City Market's 501(c)(3) nonprofit mission

We'll be coming at your all month long with info, resources, and actions to take this month with Green City Market. Up first: a quick overview of GCM's food access programs and two actions you can take today.

Food access programming at Green City Market

How is GCM expanding food access in Chicago? 

Green City Market has three important programs to address food security in Chicago: 

  • GCM For All: When shoppers using an Link (a.k.a. SNAP or EBT) spend $15 with Green City Market, they automatically get $15 more to spend to make SNAP benefits go further.
  • Food Recovery: Since 2012, Green City Market has partnered with Lakeview Pantry to recover food grown by local, sustainable farmers and provide it to Lakeview Pantry clients.
  • Nourishing Neighbors: GCM is growing 1,000+ pounds of produce in our Edible Gardens to donate to neighbors in need across the city.

Two ways to help today

Easy actions to make an immediate impact 

Spread the word:

Use your social media for good! Use the below caption for a quick and simple post:

Access to local food is a right, not a privilege. When shoppers using an IL Link card spend $15 with Green City Market, they automatically get $15 more to spend to make their SNAP benefits go further. Learn more at 

Follow Green City Market on the channels below, and be sure to tag @greencitymarket and use the hashtag #GCMForAll when you post.


Fund food access with a $15 gift

Give a tax-deductible donation today to help someone facing food insecurity get more from their trip to the farmers' market — just $15 doubles the food a shopper using Link can take home.

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