NewsJacobson Family Farm - West Loop Spotlight

Posted Jun 07, 2019

Jacobson Family Farm - West Loop Spotlight

Strolling through the West Loop Market on Saturday you couldn’t help but notice the beautiful display of greens, flowers, and radishes by our new vendor Jacobson Farms. We fell in love not only with their mizuna salad greens and white radishes but the wooden tables and crates they were nestled on made us feel right at home. Kyle Jacobson comes from a long line of farmers leading back to Sweden, where the family farm is in production today. Kyle and his team farm two acres of land near Antioch, Illinois and his farm has been providing fresh local produce to several west loop restaurants including The Publican, Pacific Standard Time and Blackbird.

Kyle tells us he’s been fascinated with living off the land since he was a little boy. “During my time in the Boy Scouts working towards Eagle Scout, I really learned to be a great steward of the land which I then followed up with a degree in Environmental Studies,” said Kyle. “ I love all the moving parts that go into farming to be successful and to be a year-round farmer in Northern Illinois. It's one of the most challenging yet satisfying careers I've ever had.”

What do you want people to know about you?

We're extremely local! Our farm is located right in Lake County and is harvested the day before our clients purchase it! You cannot get any fresher than that unless you come harvest it out of our field yourself (which we're not opposed to ;). We use the most up-to-date sustainable and natural farming practices, have beautiful soil with optimal growing conditions that produces the most nutritious and beautiful produce out there!

What does farming mean to you?

Farming means being connected to our environment and our neighbors. Farming is liberating, fun, satisfying and hard work that our family farm absolutely craves!

What are you excited about growing this season?

I'm extremely excited about all of it but our baby greens, lettuces, tomatoes, and peppers are really stellar.  

We couldn’t agree more Kyle! Can’t wait to dig into all of what you have to offer this summer. Check out a list of what they grow here.