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Dorothy's Bakery

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Taylor Bruns
3524 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647


Formerly known as Flat & Point, Dorothy's is now a full-time bakery, with a large focus on bread and baked goods.

The goal of Dorothy's Bakery is keeping a focus on the community they serve by working with sustainable farmers and making products from scratch. They have found a home using local and seasonal ingredients to create menus that produce Alpine inspired dishes that have roots in Midwestern cuisine.

Dorothy's Bakery takes pride in producing natural and organic sourdough, bagels, brioche, and pastries that have become the backbone of the restaurant. With a strong belief in progress, they strive to make the best products possible using old world baking techniques, and pushing the envelope of creativity.

Outside of the farmer's markets, Dorothy's has pivoted to a full-time bakery. Meaning, the next step for Dorothy's is making their fresh baked goods that they offer at the markets readily available through a storefront that focuses entirely on baked goods.


rustic sourdough, brioche, bagels, bagel sandwiches, and seasonal pastries

Participating Markets

Lincoln Park

West Loop

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