Michael Lanzerotte

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Michael Lanzerotte, Culinary Director
2456 N California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647


Testaccio, named one of Chicago Magazine’s 2022 Best New Restaurants, is a soulful Italian restaurant and wine bar located in the vibrant Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. The intimate 75 seat dining room and classic al fresco patio space set the stage for Roman-style cuisine and curated beverage offerings. Named for the 20th rione (town district) of Rome, Testaccio is an homage to the namesake village’s unique history and blend of cultures spanning from all corners of the Mediterranean. An expert on Italian wine, Owner Aldo Zaninotto (Osteria Langhe) was inspired after visiting the area and discovering its melting pot of characteristics expressed through flavors, food, cooking techniques and art. Over a series of subsequent trips, Zaninotto began to notice many similarities to Logan Square, another historically significant artistic community within Chicago, and set out to recreate back home the same bustling and welcoming family-run eatery like those found walking the streets of Testaccio. In the summer of 2020, the Logan Square concept soft-launched for limited indoor and outdoor service, pausing for the winter before resuming operations in February 2021. Under Culinary Director Michael Lanzerotte, the menu showcases comforting Italian staples such as porchetta, focaccia, freshly made orecchiette and bucatini pasta, as well as authentic Roman dishes cooked in a natural wood-burning oven. To celebrate this fare, guests can look forward to Zaninotto’s thoughtfully selected list of Mediterranean and amphora-made wines along with creative craft cocktails that call forth the Italian landmark neighborhood's diverse cultural history.