Chilam Balam is a sustainably minded BYOB restaurant serving Mexican shared plates with a farm fresh twist. We strive to provide the tastiest and freshest ingredients while preparing our dishes and other aliments without unnatural additives and ingredients (corn syrup, msg, etc). All of our dishes are designed to share at the table; you can either take a little piece, make a taco out of our fresh tortillas, or top one of our handmade tostadas. Most of the dishes on our menu also happen to be gluten free.

The name Chilam Balam loosely translates to "Book of the Jaguar Priest" in the Mayan language. We chose the name because it referred to the prophecy of the Earth's last cycle coming to an end in the year 2012. It didn't mean our planet was going to explode, it just meant that eventually we're going to finish the natural resources Mother Nature so humbly provides. Unless we start thinking local and green, that darn Jaguar Priest will get us! Too many cool details really to go on, just stop by if you're curious!