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Our Mission

Green City Market is securing the future of food by deepening support for sustainable farmers, educating our community, and expanding access to locally-grown food.

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Supporting Local Farmers

Our year-round farmers' markets are centered around lifting up Midwest growers, promoting the environmental stewardship of land and responsible treatment of animals, and building a vibrant market for local, sustainably-produced food in Chicago.

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Educating our Community

Our educational programs are geared towards helping Chicagoans of all ages understand how what they eat, cook, and throw away impacts the future of our city (and our planet).

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Expanding Food Access

Access to good food is a right, not a privilege. We're dedicated to making that right a reality. That's why we welcome and triple match Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits (also known as Link in Illinois or EBT nationally) at all our farmers' markets, thanks to our generous donors and our partnership with Experimental Station and their Link Up Illinois Program. 

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From farmers' markets to kids' programming, classes, workshops, and more, check out Green City Market's lineup of upcoming events.