Chatting with the Chefs: Scott Green


Award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Scott Green joined The Langham, Chicago and Travelle Kitchen + Bar from The French Pastry School, where he served as a Pastry Chef Instructor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California in San Francisco and that focus carries through to what he presents to guests on the plate. His work combines strong technique with seasonal ingredients for an end to a meal that is both beautfiul and complementary to the courses preceding. Stop by GCM West Loop this Saturday August 6th at 10:30am to meet Scott and watch his Chef demonstration. 

What is your favorite Green City Market product?

There’s no one product I like most. Picking through what is most ripe during the summer months is my favorite time. Every week is different and every piece of fruit has its own unique character and nuance I like to work with. I am a sucker for cherries though.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago (other than shop at Green City Market, of course)?
Usually in my free time I’m working on my blog,, but when I do have a rare moment to relax, my girlfriend and I love to go to the free concert series in millennium park and hit up all of Chicago’s great restaurants.
What is in your fridge right now? 
Hmm…champagne, la croix, kale, spinach, brownies, blueberries, bacon fat, lots of butter, a million condiments….a mix of healthy and not-so healthy ingredients!
What is one tip you have for home cooks shopping at Green City Market?
Never be afraid to ask the vendors about the product they’re selling or you’re interested in. There are no stupid questions! The produce they bring to market is their life, so they’re always happy to talk and teach!
What is the one food you couldn't live without? 
Immediate reaction is salt. I’d choose it over sugar in a heartbeat. I know that’s not really a “food” so if I had to pick something I guess I’d say meat. All meat. Every kind.

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