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Robert & Louise Soucie
815 435-2230
2480 E. 3300 N. Rd.
St. Anne, IL 60964
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Robert and Louise Soucie have grown flowers on 20 acres of their 300-plus acre south central Illinois farm since 2003. She has a degree in horticulture from South Dakota State University; he majored in forestry at Southern Illinois University. They grow potted perennials and cutting flowers ranging from asters to zinnias, but lilies are their specialty. "We start them in a greenhouse and plant them on a schedule so that they will be available all season,” says Louise. The couple's nephew, Jim Barmann, who has a degree in horticulture from the University of Illinois, helps on the farm, as does their daughter Elise, who sells her home-grown tomatoes, parsley and rosemary at the Market. The couple practices sustainable agriculture, and tries to produce good crops without depleting the soil or polluting the environment. “We are committed to having a successful biological farming system in harmony with nature,” Robert explains.

The Flower Garden is MPS-ECAS certified.  

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