Megan Burch

Megan Burch

Customer Success Manager, Salesforce

A Detroit native, Megan moved to Chicago in 2010. She currently works as a Customer Success Manager at Salesforce in River North.  When she's not cheering on Michigan State, winning recreational softball championships or making jam and baking, she's planning her volunteer schedule at Green City Market throughout Chicago. She currently sits on the Junior Board and couldn't be more ecstatic about the opportunity to do so.

What inspired you to get involved with Green City Market?
My trips to the market became my favorite part of the week after moving here. I was discovering new foods and cooking techniques and the farmers were so helpful and friendly.

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever purchased from the GCM?
That's really tough. I would like to say it's some of the amazing fruits or vegetables I've bought, but it's really an open faced crispy pork shoulder breakfast sandwich from Nomad. 

What’s your favorite GCM event?
My favorite GCM event is Big Table Dinners. I think this mostly stems from my love of Chicago parks and summer, but they are always wonderful. 

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