Marisa Randle-Williams

Marisa Randle-Williams

President/CEO, Illinois Business Financial Services

Marisa Randle-Williams is originally from Peoria, IL and has lived in Chicago since 2005. Marisa is President/CEO Illinois Business Financial Services (IBFS), a non-profit Certified Development Company for the Small Business Administration, primarily offering the 504 Loan Program to help small businesses purchase commercial real estate and heavy equipment. Before joining IBFS, Marisa spent her early career in corporate marketing and business management with companies including Walgreens and Kraft Heinz. She later joined Back to the Roots, an organic food start-up, to pursue her passion for better food. Marisa is especially interested in the equity of local food resources, so she joined the GCM Associate Board to find ways she can help — and she's also just a total nut about farmer's markets.

What inspired you to get involved with Green City Market?

Marisa has always been interested in where food comes from, and food equity. One side of her family comes from a line of farm-owners, and the other side of her family comes from a line of sharecroppers and enslaved people. 

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever purchased from the GCM?

I can't really contain myself around any kind of berry from Mick Klug Farms. The excitement is palpable every year!

What’s your favorite aspect of the Associate Board?
Connecting with other young adults who share such a passion for real food and respect for those who bring it to life and bring it to us.

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