Stephanie Dietz

Stephanie Dietz

Marketing Specialist, sweetgreen

Growing up in a family that encouraged regular physical activity and practiced the importance of wholesome eating, Steph has always been someone people visit for advice with fitness, food, and living well. While Greek heritage had her consuming whole, nutrient rich foods since birth, her brother's adolescent injury sparked her complimentary interest in movement as a powerful modality for healing. Upon graduating with her Bachelor's of Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Kinesiology in 2013, Steph moved to New York City where she worked to build a boutique fitness brand while overseeing the training and development of over 60+ instructors nationally. After spending three years in New York City, Steph relocated to Austin, TX, before moving to Chicago, IL to get back to her Midwest roots. Continuing to pursue her passion for nutrition and wellness, Steph now works for sweetgreen on the marketing team focused on supporting the brands growth within existing and new markets. In addition, after spending 12 months studying holistic health at the world’s largest nutrition school, Steph is now a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Steph is also a fitness instructor at Shadowbox where you can catch her teaching empowering, meditative, sweat-dripping, group workout classes that combine boxing technique on the heavy bag with head-to-toe conditioning.

What inspired you to get involved with Green City Market?

I've always been extremely passionate about eating well and living a healthy, active lifestyle. Green City Market is my go-to market in Chicago and I'm always beyond inspired by how supportive and welcoming the community is, I wanted to be a part of the market in a larger way to help spread the mission and continue to build a community dedicated to supporting local farmers and eating high-quality, local, real food!

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever purchased from the GCM?

It's a tie between honeycrisp apples, nutrient-dense microgreens, or any squash variety. My favorite squash was definitely the Kogniut squash that Nichols Farm grew a few seasons ago! 

What’s your favorite GCM event?

My favorite GCM event is the West Loop outdoor market, it's the perfect little market situated in a beautiful park where! I'm also really looking forward to the 2020 Chef BBQ.

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