Brendan Kim

Brendan Kim

Strategy & Marketing Lead, Sustainable Bioproducts

Brendan hails from the hills of Virginia, but lived for several years in the Mission District of San Francisco. These days in Chicago, Brendan works in Hyde Park for an alternative protein startup funded by NASA and Bill Gates striving to help shape a sustainable future of food. Before that, he worked as a management consultant at Bain & Co in SF and as a teacher in Cape Town, South Africa. Outside of work, Brendan maintains a daily yoga practice, enjoys climbing rocks and mountains, and cooks! Following in his father's footsteps, he loves growing his own produce and getting as close as possible to what he eats and the food system he supports. Working with food is his passion, eating food is his foible.

What inspired you to get involved with Green City Market?

The smell of melting raclette... just kidding! I got hooked while volunteering and frequenting the market in the summer and was reeled in after meeting all of the passionate people behind the organization.

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever purchased from the GCM?

Jonagolds from Ellis Family Farms. Hands down the best apples I've had, and boy do I eat a lot of apples.

What’s your favorite aspect of the Junior Board?

I love how you can find people from so many different professions and backgrounds who are all devoted to a sustainable and equitable food system. It all really goes to show how food lies at the center of so much of what we do as and who we are.

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