Chris Kritsas

Chris Kritsas


Chris is from Wheaton, IL and a part of a Greek family who loves to eat. He went to college at Miami of Ohio and now works in Chicago for a Marketing/Advertising firm helping start-ups earn revenue. He loves sports, cooking, and eating. When he and his wife lived in San Francisco they took a six-week intensive cooking class that taught them the fundamentals of cooking, helping Chris achieve his dream of being able to go to a farmers market and create a meal from scratch.

What inspired you to get involved with Green City Market?

I love food and have a huge heart for the city of Chicago. I think it is of most importance to be able to get healthy, seasonal, and sustainable food to EVERYONE in our city, not just the people who can afford it.

What's the most delicious thing you've ever purchased from GCM?

Outside of the delicious (and beautiful) veggies, I look forward to the Breakfast Za from Our House Pizza... literally the bomb.

What's your favorite GCM event?

For sure Chef BBQ... best chefs in one of the best food cities in the world... so delicious.

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