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We've started a Know Your Farmer series twice a month to get you more connected with our farmers. We'll be highlighting Pat and John Sondgeroth from Heartland Meats for the first in our series. They'll be at every indoor market through April.

Why should people care about supporting local and sustainable producers?
We feel it is important to support sustainable producers because we are stewards of a non-renewable resource-- the land that has been put in our care and the land that feeds the world. We need to take care and take responsibility by utilizing sustainable practices, in order that future generations can continue to be nourished by it. And all of us, whether we are farmers or customers, need to conserve our natural resources in any way we can, with one of those very important ways being supporting local producers. If we start at home, it will grow from there, without even having to leave our local communities.

How did you become involved in farming?
I was "born a farmer," being fourth generation on what is now our century-old family farm. I was raised with a love of farming, and according to my mom, was driving a tractor at age six.

How did you get involved with Green City Market?
In 2000, we had a booth at the Fancy Food Show. [Green City Market founder] Abby Mandel stopped and visited with us, encouraging us to join her two year old market.

What is your most popular product?
It depends on the season. Chuck roasts, stew meat, shank and oxtail are popular in the colder months. Steaks are big in grilling season and rib roasts and tenderloins are popular for the holidays.

Do you have any special products in the next two months that you'd like to highlight?
Coulotte steaks and tri-tips are very unique (not yet real well-known) and versatile and fantastic cuts, whether you slow cook OR grill them.

What is your favorite Green City Market experience?
The Annual Chef's BBQ is our favorite Green City Market experience. We thoroughly enjoy the unique and fantastic presentations created with our beef by some of the most talented chefs in the country.

What's the most important thing Green City Market customers don't know about you?
Most Green City Market customers probably don't know that we can guarantee every piece of beef we sell is from our farm because we wet-age, process and package all our own product.

What do you want your last meal on Earth to be?
We would, of course, like our last meal to be Heartland Meats Piedmontese beef-- a great steak dinner enjoyed in each other's company.

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